White Bay 6 hosts Taiwanese students

White Bay 6 Marine Park was recently very happy to be able to host a student study group from Taiwan.

The group of eleven students and teachers are from the Taiwanese National Marine Fisheries Donggang Advanced Vocation School and are majoring in studies concerning the professional management and maintenance of marine machinery and electrical systems.

The group started with our Business Manager Lorraine Yates, via an interpreter, talking through the various maintenance and service aspects of the complex and what specific machinery was utilised. The talk included the service side of White Bay 6 and also the boat storage facilities.

The students then got to observe the launch and retrieval of a storage boat using the Wiggins Marina Bull forklift. Wiggins has been manufacturing specialty forklifts for over 25 years and White Bay 6 has the very latest machinery on site with the capacity to move up to 40ft vessels, personal or commercial.

Next the students moved into the service complex under the watchful eye of our Marine Service Manager Andrew Cruickshank. Cruickshank, a trained and experienced shipwright, likes nothing better than showing and explaining the workings of White Bay 6 and was very soon taking the group through every facet of the yard. Taking questions from the students through an interpreter required patience and humour on both sides though the common interest in the machinery and boats soon broke down any barriers.

Well known Australian brand Riviera has it’s Sydney Service Centre based at White Bay 6 so the students also got to experience first hand the launching of a large Riviera motor cruiser by one of our travel lifts before finishing their tour. Then it was back to their bus to head off to do some more sightseeing though this time it was lunch with a slightly different view of the harbour!


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