WB6 is a Fish Friendly Marina

Oct 22, 2020
Clean waterways with healthy fish populations are good news for boat enthusiasts and recreational fishers alike. A fish-friendly marina provides a range of services to their boating and fishing cu

Coffee anyone?

Oct 22, 2020
Unfortunately our bait vending machine had to be taken away... but, we have a coffee machine in its place! Not just coffee. Everything from Cappuccino to Chai Latte and Hot Chocolate. Remember

Working in the marine industry is part of their life.

Aug 20, 2020
Meet Geoff Whitby, senior yard hand at the award winning White Bay 6. Geoff grew up in Port Macquarie where he developed a love for the water that was just 100m from his house. Keen on kayaking an

Top 10 Tips for Eco-Friendly Fishing

Aug 18, 2020
Download the FishSmart App for access to essential information about fish species, bag & size limits, closed season and fishing gearUse non-toxic, water-based or biodegradable cleaners on your

Passion, experience and skill.

Aug 16, 2020
Meet Tom, one of our senior yard hands.Raised in the Balmain area, Tom went into the boat service field straight out of high school working as a marine coating applicator at White Bay 6.

Experience makes the difference

Aug 13, 2020
White Bay 6 Marine Park is a multi award winning business and we are all very proud of our experienced team. Meet Cliff Lewis. Cliff is our QA and Operations Manager and he has spent many years in

Time to get wrapped!

Apr 16, 2020
An exclusive White Bay 6 Marine Park offer. 10% discount off full boat wraps from Innovative Marine Coatings! WB6 will make it even better by giving you 15% off your lift to get your boat out o

Important White Bay 6 UPDATE

Mar 17, 2020
At White Bay 6, our highest priority as always is the health and safety of all team members and customers who visit our site.  We are taking important extra steps to ensure our site is a clea

Winner, winner!

Mar 11, 2020
Thanks to all our clients who booked in for a Prospeed treatment on their boat during February We had a $500 marine fuel voucher up for grabs from White Bay 6, our Propspeed supplier QEP Marine, a

Back to work detailing special!

Feb 04, 2020
For the month of February the White Bay 6 detailing team will take care of your boat with a 20% discount off the range of packages. Vessels must be out of the water at White Bay 6 to be detailed.

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