Getting your boat surveyed

White Bay 6 Marine Park is an ideal location to have your vessel surveyed. With easy road access for large vehicles, free parking, and safe and direct deep water access, WB6 is your yard of choice.

For pre-purchase, commercial, insurance or other surveys, WB6 can accommodate vessels up to 80 feet and 60 ton on our two marine travel lifts, and 32 feet and 7 ton on our two specialty marine forklifts.

We are happy for you to utilise your surveyor of choice. Any work carried out on your vessel must be conducted by an authorised and inducted contractor.

For a list of accredited surveyors go here…


Or you are welcome to contact one of our regular surveyors.

info@assessmarine.com.au * 0412 281 046 * assessmarine.com.au

info@boatbuy.com.au * 02 9188 5182 * boatbuy.com.au

gavin@boatsurveying.com.au * 0418 442 515 * boatsurveying.com.au

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