Top 10 Tips for Eco-Friendly Fishing
  1. Download the FishSmart App for access to essential information about fish species, bag & size limits, closed season and fishing gear
  2. Use non-toxic, water-based or biodegradable cleaners on your boat. Here’s an example; StarBrite – Sea Safe Boat Wash
  3. Do not discharge black tank (sullage) into the harbour, our nearest pump out facility is Bailey’s Marine Fuels
  4. Know your bag and size limits
  5. Practice catch and release, it is essential for sustainability of fish populations. Whilst you are required to return under-sized fish, it is equally important to return large fish as well. Remember to minimise time out of the water, keep the fish wet where possible and when releasing, hold them still in the water to regain equilibrium and strength before letting go.
  6. Use lead alternatives for your tackle. Lead is toxic for aquatic life just as it is for humans. Some lead alternatives can be found here
  7. Have a valid fishing license
  8. Get a brag mat to easily check the size of a fish before keeping
  9. Don’t throw your food scraps overboard, human food isn’t healthy for fish. Bring all your scraps back and dispose of them in a bin
  10. Know the location of the nearest fish cleaning and disposal facilities
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