Review of the Arvor 555 Sportsfish

“ARVOR is a familiar boat brand to many Australians. I see them everywhere, mostly around my home waters of Sydney Harbour and Pittwater. They’re an iconic boat and loved by many keen boaters across the country. A few years back the brand unveiled its Sportsfish range. The range was geared more towards fishos and featured outboards instead of Arvor’s traditional diesel shaftdrive engines. Outboards are more familiar to the average fisho and the clear deck space was most welcome. The new range also featured plenty of other fishing friendly additions.

While the Sportsfish range ticked many boxes, what Arvor was missing was a legally trailerable model. Let’s face it, Aussie boat owners and fishos love hooking up their boat, hitting the road, and going fishing. The majority of boats around this country are on trailers; it’s often more affordable and there’s more flexibility where you can launch them.  The 555 Sportsfish answers those needs in a simple towable package.

…All up, the 555 Sportsfish offers a unique enclosed cabin boat in a small easily manageable package. I can’t think of too many enclosed cabins at 5.5metres, and especially ones which can be towed behind a family car!

The enclosed cabin and relatively shallow deadrise comes with some compromises for the serious offshore fisho, but as an all-rounder, and crossover fishing/family boat, the 555 Sportsfish would make a great affordable package.”

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