NSW Fisheries reminding rec fishos to know their bag and size limits

NSW Fisheries is reminding rec fishos to do the right thing after a huge number of compliance issues in the first two months of this year

In January and February alone, over 17,500 fish including shellfish, crabs and oysters have been seized by NSW DPI Fisheries officers.

The fish were seized because they were undersize or were taken in excess of specific bag limits.

NSW DPI Fisheries Officers can issue fines from $500 for size and bag limit offences. Officers can also seize the fish as well as your fishing gear and equipment, possibly even your boat, trailer and car.

Don’t let this happen to you, know the rules! If you’re heading out to fish brush up on your bag and size limits, visit the website or download the free FishSmart NSW app from Google Play or the   iTunes App Store.

Report suspected illegal fishing activity by calling 1800 043 536 or report online here.

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