New generation hydrogenerator offers good charging with little drag

The 300 and 600W Watt and Sea cruising hydrogenerators are claimed to be effective at producing charge for your batteries at a range of speeds from 2 to 10 knots. They are light, compact, easy to install and built from robust materials, meaning they require little or no maintenance.

A simple lifting system means they can be delpoyed when you need charge or lifted out of the water to reduce drag. However, the manufacturer says that because of the “perfect hydrodynamics” they produce little drag even at low speeds.

Depending on the size of the propellor (options are 200mm, 240mm and 280mm), the stated output is 120W at 5 knots. The nominal output of the Cruising 300 model is 300 Watts (24 A in 12 Vcc) and the nominal output of the Cruising 600 model is 600 Watts (48 A in 12 Vcc). The new model automatically detects whether you are operating on 12 or 24 volts.

The company’s literature claims the hydrogenerator will outperform solar panels or wind generators and has the advantage that you will arrive at anchor with a full charge in your batteries.

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