Lisa Blair circumnavigates Australia

On Monday, December 17,2018, 33-year-old Lisa Blair became the first woman to circumnavigate Australia solo, non-stop and unassisted and also the first person to do the journey non-stop and unassisted in a monohull.

Lisa crossed the finish line at Sydney Heads just after 2pm, giving a total elapsed time of 58 days and 3 hours.

The nominal distance for the journey is 6536nm but the total distance covered was nearly 7750nm.

Lisa’s arrival in Sydney was delayed by the “perfect storm” created when a severe low pressure system combined with Tropical Cyclone Owen to deliver storm-force winds and heavy rain to most of the eastern Australian coast. Lisa was forced to heave-to off Sydney Heads to wait for the worst of the wild weather to abate.

See the celebration video here.

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